German & Turkish ICT Industry

DC 1823 – BC 28.11.2023 Duesseldorf


German ICT Industry

With an annual turnover of 178 billion euros in 2022, the ICT industry is a major economic driving force of Germany – and it is growing steadily. With over 1.3 million skilled workers at the end of 2022, the ICT sector is also the second-biggest industrial employer. Forecasted to reach 306 billion euros in 2027. The Industry has ca. 40 Billion € export value & 91300 ICT Companies.


Turkish ICT Industry

In 2022 in Turkish ICT Industry was invested $1.74 billion in 341 investment rounds. The number of R & D Centers is 1,274 as of June 2023; Number of Design Centers 326; The number of companies in Technoparks reached 9,371.

The Industry has reached a volume of ca. 26 Billion € at 2022. Total 213 T skilled workers are taking place in the Industry. Forecasted to reach 60 billion euros in 2027

Global IT Industry will reach a volume of ca. 9000 Billion € In year 2023, and forecasted to reach a volume of 12000 Billion at 2027.

The share of Germany in Global ICT Industry is close to 2 %, and the share of Turkish ICT Industry a share of close to 0,03 % in global industry.

The largest volumes in global ICT Industry belongs to Asia – Pasific Countries & North America.

We believe and hope that the both Countries ICT industries will get a higher share in the coming years..,


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Bülent Cakiroglu, 28.11.2023 Duesseldorf

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