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DC FuR 1 - The road to the Future !

Future is always coming sooner than expected. 

Technology, which develops at a dizzying pace, knows no obstacles. Every day, as the employees of 37 million companies around the globe say hello to the day, hundreds of thousands of new products, methods and ways are tried, new things are invented, tens of thousands of patents are prepared, and all this repeated  every other day.

There are two main reasons behind all this: greed for money and being better than others – EGO ..

Companies have only one motivation: to make money, so why do they want to be better than others? Is this company – owner ego or a misconception?

It is not certain that you will earn more when you are better, but when you are the best, it becomes certain.

The real question is how can you be your best? Here lies a motivation far beyond money. 

We are entering a kind of circle here.., it is necessary to be the best,the most advanced tools and techniques, the highest quality brains are required.., and someone has to pay for all this..,

How great it is if this money is available in your own resources.. If it is not available, what should you do? You must find the investors and sell your stocks or bonds to these investors who will believe in you. So you gonna tied up yourself with invisible ropes to the business world’s unmerciful rules. 

This story has been the same since the beginning of history, I mean it was mostly the same. But in the last 20 years, the rules have started to change. If a good idea is well introduced – promoted, its implementation has become faster and faster if you may able the evolved tools of digital world.

Every day, Million of Investors are searching for best Value for their money’s children even grandchildren ;)) 

No one can stop you unless you are not touching benefits of sharks : )) 

So, be the the best form of your company in Future starting today.., and never forget that Future is never late..,

21.10.2023 BC DC Düsseldorf