Consultancy & Advisory Services

Consultare in Latin  formed to consultant. Advisory comes from the conjunction of the words avis – opinion / avisen – to view and videre ( latin ) – to see. 

Consulting ( CO ) means a time limited support lıke founding the company or Staying permits..,

Advisory ( AD ) means the support lasting longer periods of time such as tax advisory, interim management.

Everyone / Every operation needs a better knowledge and higher vision to manage the success with clear foresight.,

Strategic Road Map - SRoMCO

For a company, setting the future strategies is the number one task to reach the success and on the way to make the fine adjustments. Without setting a strategy on the markets you intend to expand is no clear way only you face unforeseen problems.

DC gives the best of its services to make your way enlightened.

Founding The Company - FoCO

You should have the best form of the company to lead your operations, DC with experienced partners to define the best form of the company structure and give hands to all documentations and legal processes.

The Infrastructure of Marketing & Sales - IoMaSCO

Of course, you wanna place your products / services to the market and generate cash flow and profit as all the other competitors. Who leads the right marketing strategy gets the best share of the market / higher price / best profit etc. Be one of them who leads the markets. We are ready to show the ways..

Digital Set Up Consultancy - DSUCO

We are living in a digital world that isn’t aware that it is lost in history. Ready to change your mind digitally. DC  IT expert team is ready to structure your digital existence from basic to data, data to AI, AI to deep learning.

Law Consultancy Services - LaCSCO

Business World is full of contracts, agreements. If you shape them right, in case of conflicts you are on the safe side. The DC Law team will cover all your possible needs.