Advisory Services

Like all the other competitors, especially in hard times like today, you need us more than ever.., business world is changing fast, ıf you are not fast enough to change, you start to die. We have the solutions to your problems..

Tax Advisory - TaAd

Lots of companies are at start not calculating if I make good profit how I should reduce my tax payments.., DC partner has skilled to draw the road to the best net profit for your shares..

Staying and / or Working Permits, Citizenship - SWPCAd

If you are the shareholder, you need a permit to stay in the country where your company is settled. If you are a director / manager, you need a staying & working permit to operate in the actual country. Our DC Law Partner is following all the process, taking all the steps needed for you. If you need citizenship after a while, we are at your service.

Law Advisory Services - LAd

Business is full of conflicts arose by contracts, agreements, patent rights, and regulation set by governments. If you lead wise, later you can have less or no  problems. DC Law Partners are ready to handle all your needs both in Business & Private Cases.

Marketing & Sales Advisory - MaSAd

Selling something is getting harder than ever in our world, competition is tight, every day new comers are disturbing the market. You should survive in all these conditions. So you have to be supported by DC Marketing & Sales Experts.

Digital Advisory - DAd

Being digital is a serious job and requires a lot of effort. You are in an ocean like a water drop. On one hand 1,9 Billion web sites are available. How the customers will know you, how they reach your service or products.On the other hand, how should you monitor social media ? How secure are your online operations or data you have collected ? How well do you analyze the data you have ? How healthy is your system ? There are thousands of questions which DC IT Experts give the answers to, and present the solutions.

Franchise Management Advisory - FMAd

You have a production unit or service or a shop you can easily copy the system. But instead you are working like hell to benefit from a single unit. come on, you can do better with DC Franchise Experts to expand your business and multi – profit to have. 

Or you have already built some units but your chance is bigger than this. DC is here to advise.

Merger & Acquisition Management Advisory - M&A MAd

Real growth is arising from buying or merging the power. When you are big enough or clever enough you can buy the companies related to your vision. DC Experts can find the right companies to buy.

You get bored with the business you are doing and your business is set well. You can be old enough to retire or you are looking for other challenges. You are at the right spot. 

DC is creating a pool of the companies willing to be sold.., Through our customers , Investors incorporation with our own Venture Capital Facilities you get full support.