DC Company

Düsseldorf Consulting started its activities in Düsseldorf / Germany in 2023, with senior and junior partners.

With DC strategic cooperation partners in both countries, it participates in the consultancy-advisory traffic between Germany – Turkiye – Germany.

The company is unique in its consultancy business, a one-stop world for classic and virtual services.

With current Partners, DC’s range of services covers in the consulting & Advising industry and ranges from start-up and financial advice to residency and/or  employment permits in actual countries.

Market training, strategy and innovation advisory, founding coaching, tax advisory, Marketing- und Sales Consultancy, investment advisory, legal advisory, project coaching, digital transformation advisory, IT security services, AI advisory are the main services of DC Company.

DC Mission

To deliver a clear vision to the customers who want to have a good entrance and shaping a successful way by sharing the experience & knowledge we have.

DC Vision

Being the best in its area delivering full range services in the countries exist in or will exist in the future