DC company

Düsseldorf Consulting, which started its activities in Düsseldorf / Germany in 2023, with senior and junior partners.

With DC strategic cooperation partners in both countries, it participates in the consultancy-advisory traffic between Germany – Turkey – Germany.

The company is unique in its consultancy business, a one-stop world for physical and virtual product and/or service providers in the fields of consulting, advisory, trade, service and industry. Starting from founding services to tax advisory, from market strategy set to individual training.

With currently Partners, DC’s range of services covers the consulting & Advising industry and ranges from start-up and financial advice to residency and/or  employment permits in actual countries.

From empowerment coaching to growth, marketing and sales advice, from existential strategy advice to digital structuring services.

Our Expertise

Consultare in Latin  formed to consultant. Advisory comes from the conjunction of the words avis – opinion / avisen – to view and videre ( latin ) – to see. 

Consulting ( CO ) means a time limited support lıke founding the company or Staying permits..,

Advisory ( AD ) means the support lasting longer periods of time such as tax advisory, interim management.

Everyone / Every operation needs a better knowledge and higher vision to manage the success with clear foresight.,

Like all the other competitors, especially in hard times like today, you need us more than ever.., business world is changing fast, if you are not fast enough to change, you start to die. We have the solutions to your problems..